I love fusing my passions for writing, design, funky colors and free expression, and there's no place like a home(page) to do it. Here are some of the sites I've built.

  The Jewess is Loose!
My random thoughts on life as a Jewgirl, and tales from my Minnesota adventures as a "babe in goyland."
My media consulting, content creation and web design company.
Hey baby, what's your sign? The official site for Astrostyle, the book I co-authored with my twin sister Tali.
A body image site for EVERY body. Play "Feed the Model!" and read articles about loving your body through thick and thin.
  Love Yourself Now (loveyourbody.org)
An umbrella site for all my body image projects, present and forthcoming.
  Body Outlaws
The official site for my body image anthology, Body Outlaws.