Javatrout: Wine, Websites
and Smoked Fish Converge

One August afternoon, I escaped Duluth and traveled east to Javatrout. It's an Internet cafe, a trout farm, a smoked fish peddler, a bed and breakfast, and a winery—all rolled into one. This schizophrenic getaway is about 45 minutes from Duluth, in a tiny Wisconsin town called Iron River.

Javatrout is owned by a Wisconsin couple named Ron and Cindy, who also own the Iron River Trout Haus and a trout fishing farm. They sell their tasty smoked rainbow trout (pronounced "troooot" locally) at the cafe, along with drinks that have unusual names like the "Full Loggers Cord" and "Traveler."

I spent an afternoon at Javatrout with my friend Tod "Geek God" Idhe, who was fixing the store's computer network. In the span of 3 hours I took down an entire trout, a box of tablewater crackers, coffee, and some fresh peach sorbet.

The strangest thing I ate at Javatrout was a prepackaged piece of Trout Jerky. Can't say it was the best snack I've had. Maybe next time I'll ask for some whitefish, or a nice piece of herring.



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