I Was a Jewish Kid in Duluth
by guest Jewess Midori

I received this real, live testimonial from a former Duluth Jew!

Dear Jewess,
I was the only Jewish girl in my senior class at Duluth East High School. I understand where you are coming from; I was adopted by a Jewish family in Duluth when I was 12 years old, and forced to live among the Lutherans in a WASPY neighborhood of Ridgewood Road.

Growing up in Duluth was simple and I have made some wonderful Catholic girlfriends (all graduated from the Holy Rosary School), but I always felt that I was out of the place. I was not quite Scandinavian (although I sound like one when I pick up the phone and say "HalllooooW").

I could never find kanishes at grocery stores (contact Bubbles Sigler, she works at Allen Falls clothing store and makes the best kanishes in Duluth), fresh challahs were never available (only by a special request at the European Bakery, call one of the Glazeman boys), etc. I guess every day became an identity crisis.

But please don't get discouraged. You will be surprised but there are many wonderful things that the city of Duluth offers.




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